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Zehavit Cohen

Zehavit Cohen


Chairwoman of the Group

Mrs. Cohen is the Director General of the Apex Partners private investment fund and serves as the chairwoman of the Zap Group. Cohen acquired the group in May 2015 through her newly acquired investment fund established by AMI and successfully led several meaningful moves on behalf of the Apex Fund, among them the acquisitions of Psagot, Tnuva and the Schultz catering company.
In the past, Cohen held several senior management positions: IDB's assistant director general and chief finance manager of the IDB group, assistant director general at Chase Manhattan, and director of the international department of mergers and acquisitions at Coopers & Lybrand, an international accountancy firm.

Zehavit Cohen holds a bachelor's degree in accountancy from Duquesne University, a master's degree from the
University of Pittsburg, and another master's degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she also served as a lecturer in the area of financing and accounting since 1988.

Ilan Tzahi

Ilan Zachi


The group's CEO

Ilan Zachi was appointed as the group's CEO in January 2016, after five and a half years at the HOT group, where he held several senior positions.

Before his work at HOT, Zachi held several senior management positions at Cellcom, and was one of the founders of the engineering network of the company. In his last position at Cellcom he served as the Company's customer service manager, and as a member of the management team of Cellcom.

Ilan Zachi holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Business Administration.

Aviad Shai

Aviad Shai



Aviad Shai was appointed as the group's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in June 2016.

Before joining the group, Shai served as the director of the economic department at the Someck-Chaikin KPMG accounting firm. Before that, he served in several economic positions of several Israeli firms, such as: Shikun & Binui, Tnuva, the Ministry of Finance and Deloitte.

Aviad Shai is a CPA, and holds a MBA with specialization in financial administration from the Hebrew University, as well as bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Accountancy.

Einat Rabin

Einat Rabin



Einat Rabin was appointed as CTO of Zap Group in November 2016.

Before joining the group, she held several senior management positions in the Technology and Information Systems worlds. Among her other previous capacities, she served as CTO at Buzzr, a shipping company, CBDO at YIT and CBDO at Realcommerce. Over the course of her previous positions, she led to the establishment of web and mobile projects among the largest in Israel.

Einat Rabin holds a BA in Economics and Communications and an MBA with a specialization in information systems from the University of Tel Aviv.

Amit Sagi

Amit Sagi



Amit Sagi was appointed as CMO of marketing of Zap Group in December 2016.
Amit is in charge of the following tasks: Marketing of Zap Group's websites, management of the content branches and leads the activities of marketing innovation for businesses.
Amit joined Zap Group after having occupied several senior positions in marketing and management. He served as the CEO of the GO digital publicity firm, as Chief Marketing & Digital Officer (CMDO) in the Excellence Nessuah Investment House, as director at mutual funds and underwriting firms, as director of the marketing estrategy and internet of Cellcom" and as director of the strategy consulting department at Foresight Consulting and investment in Technology.

Amit holds a BA in economics and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing and Finance from the Tel Aviv University.

Dror Zlit

Dror Zlit


VP, Manager of the Zap Price Comparison website

Dror Zlit was appointed as the director of Zap Price Comparison website in July 2016.
Before joining the group, Zlit held several senior management positions in the Internet and e-commerce fields. Among others, he managed the "BUY2" website from its inception, managed the business activity of the Walla Group, and took part in the team that established the Marketing and Content division at Partner (Orange), and was a partner in launching various enterprises in the digital arena.

Dror Zlit holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Keren Keinan

Keren Keinan


VP of Strategic Projects

Keren Keinan was appointed as the group's VP of Strategic Projects in January 2016.

Before joining the group, Keinan served as Finance and Business Development Manager, and before that she was the chief accountant of Ashdar, part of the Ashtrom group.
Before that, she worked as financial adviser at Yitzhak Suary & Co.

Keren Keinan is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and holds a MBA with specialization in financial management, and a bachelor's degree in Management & Accountancy from the Tel Aviv University.